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Leo Hamilton never asked to fall in love with the Chilean exchange student who turned up in his biology class on the first day of year 12. From the first moment Valentina knocked on the door, she knocked the breath out of him, and knocked his entire world off balance.


Not that his world was completely on balance; itís hard when the man whoís supposedly your father lives on a boat and only comes home on Sundays to mow the lawn. But at least Leo knew what he was doing in life, or at least, thought he knew what he was doing.

Things are made even more complicated when a film crew arrives in town to make a film about Leoís dadís life as a pro surfer. The expose into his familyís life makes Leo angry and alienated, and when he finds out it was written by his cross-country coach he begins a downhill slide that results in him missing out on the state team, and breaking the coveted rule: never touch a mateís sister. 



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