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Lock has published internationally,  worked as a travel writer,  taught creative writing and chased the dream to find inspirations.

                                      THE GRUB RIDES AGAIN

Marcy Bliss smells like apricots and peaches.  But she isn’t interested in a country boy who rides horses – she likes cool surfing dudes.

So Pascale takes surfing lessons and enters the local competition to win Marcy’s heart—but the lessons he learns are more than just about surfing and trying to be cool.

The Grub and his friends are on a mission to find the best waves along the east coast of Australia, but they’re not the only ones heading to the sleepy seaside town of Cromer: Cracking Crazy Christo has escaped from Firestone Ranch. 

After a storm destroys their tents and they sleep in the lighthouse, Christo takes revenge for being locked out of his refuge and tries to smoke them out.


Leo Hamilton never asked to fall in love with the Chilean exchange student who turned up in his biology class on the first day of year 12. From the first moment Valentina knocked on the door, she knocked the breath out of him, and knocked his entire world off balance.


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